Why Choose a Forester?

More specifically, why choose a Consulting Forester?

A Private Consultant Forester provides critical technical assistance in all phases of forest management.  Sound management decisions will increase the longterm value of your investment. Based on the unique needs of your property and your goals as a landowner, your Consultant Forester will direct and implement processes to help you keep your land continually productive - for economic value, wildlife habitat, and general enjoyment and recreation.

Forestry Services

General Pricing:

Timber Sales

A Lump Sum Sale is 15% commission of the price paid for the timber.

In a Pay-as-Cut Sale, commission is based on a percentage share to the landowner (e.g. per thousand rate).

Forest Management Plans

EQIP or 480-a

Management Plans start at a base rate per acre.

Timber Stand Improvement (TSI)

TSI is billed on a daily/per acre rate, usually complete 2-3 acres per day.

More Options.

Better Value.

Whether getting competitive bids or on a pay-as-cut basis, we are able to market your timber to achieve the best return on your investment. Not only getting you the rates you deserve, but in some cases, selling your quality timber as veneer.    Working cooperatively with reputable loggers, we are able to bring you the best value by providing scientifically based timber management advice and professional harvesting techniques for a safe, clean job, and year-round high timber prices.

The Timber Sale Process:

Step 1

Call or email Veritas Forestry to discuss your property and initial goals.

Step 2

Meet with Forester, on-site, to decide if a timber sale is appropriate for your land at that time or make a plan to work toward a future harvest.

Step 3

Sign consulting contract with Forester.

Step 4

Forester marks the sale according to landowner goals.

Step 5

Forester puts sale out to multiple bidders (sale awarded to highest bidder) OR pay-as-cut commences after harvest contract signed and weather is appropriate/fit for logging.

Step 6

Sign a harvest contract with awarded contractor which includes proof of all applicable insurance and a performance bond to be held until completion of the timber sale.

Step 7

Landowner and Forester are paid prior to harvest at respective rates within a lump sum arrangement or on a bi-weekly basis, as logging commences, for pay-as-cut.

Step 8

Allow at least a year to harvest under appropriate conditions. Adverse conditions can lead to harvests taking two years or more. Your forester will keep you appraised of all changes and activity and perform periodic inspections during the harvest.

Step 9

Logger finishes harvest and cleans up the site according to best management practices, and specifications of the timber sale agreement so the performance bond can be released back to the contractor, thus completing the transaction.